Friends and Customers 
Trojan Electronic Supply
     In this file we present a truly unordered list of links that may be of interest to you.  It includes professional and amateur technical organizations and clubs, the individual and business pages of our customers, and others who have some (however remote) connection to Trojan.  Pro forma, of course, we can't extend any particular endorsement of the listings here, but they all appear to be good people and appearance here is at our discretion.  If you would like to be in here, drop a note to Steve Page.
North East Weak Signal Group
N.E.W.S. is a club of Radio Amateurs whose interests lie mainly above 1 GHz. 
SGE, Inc.
SGE is Trojan's ISP and host of our website.  
Finberg's List de W1GSL
Steve F's computer will be glad to send you the latest edition of his popular New England Area Ham-Electronic Flea Market compendium by E-Mail.  3 pages, about twice a month. 
Capital Technology Corp.
Electronic Design & Research.  If your task, application, or device could benefit from advanced electronic hardware and/or specialized software, Al Armstrong may be able to help.