Directions to Trojan Electronics

     Despite the fact that "We dare you to find us" was once jocularly proposed as a slogan, Trojan is not hard to visit.  It has been found by many over the years.  Now it's your turn.

     First, a little description of the "lay of the land."  Middleburgh Street runs East and West, essentially parallel to, and 4/10 mile North of Hoosick Street (NY 7) in Troy.  It extends from River Street (US 4) to Oakwood Avenue (NY 40).  Because of the way Troy is laid out, that 4/10 mile is 4 blocks on River St. and 2 blocks on Oakwood.  Those who know Troy will understand.  The western third of Middleburgh (from River) is level, with the eastern two-thirds (from Oakwood) being a pronounced grade.  We are where the grade begins, on the Northeast corner of the "T" intersection of 7th Ave.  Now you'll know when you're here.

     Now, the "sure fire" instructions.  Assuming that you are coming over the Collar City Bridge on NY 7 - I 787 onto Hoosick St.  (An aside, I 787 ends at the Troy end of the bridge.  NY 787 continues North to Cohoes on the West side of the Hudson River.)  After you finally get thru the stop light at the end of the bridge, work over into the left lane and turn left at the next light.  This will be Oakwood (10th St - NY 40).  Proceed the only way you are allowed to the next light and turn left on Middleburgh.  It's all downhill from there.

STILL LOST?   Call:  (518) 274-4481