Trojan Electronic Supply Co., Inc.  
15 Middleburgh Street  -  Troy, New York

A Welcome to Our Customers and Friends,

     Here at Trojan we are glad that you are visiting our new
website, even before it is really as complete as we would like
for your first visit.  Those who have been involved in such
efforts will, I'm sure, understand that a lot of effort and
time go into such an undertaking.  Expanding our store into
"Cyberspace" seems to be a logical expansion of Trojan's more
than half-century of personal customer service.

     Since my father, Albert Page, began selling "Radio Parts" in
downtown Troy in 1936, we have been providing servicemen, buyers
students, engineers, technicians, and radio amateurs with
equipment and components.  Among our customers are area colleges,
businesses, industries, and municipalities.  Over the years, our
staff and I have developed many industry contacts to identify and
obtain many unusual or obscure items.

     Hundreds of RPI Graduates will, I'm sure, recall their visits
to our store to get stuff for their personal or class projects.
Many a design has taken final shape in our store as the builder
fondled the prospective parts and made sure of their suitability.
This still happens almost daily and we enjoy seeing the
satisfaction as they leave our store to continue work on their

     Whether it is a sorely needed replacement or quantity
suitable for production at a competitive price, Trojan's service
is available to you.  Of course, we also have, in stock, a wide
variety of standard equipment, components, and special tools.
If you are having trouble finding what you need or would like a
more competitive price on quantities, we are glad to quote.  We
also are able, many times, to help with the liason between
requesting departments and purchasing agents.

     Although we don't have an "800" number, we don't have an
automated answering system, either, so you get your money's
worth when you call us at (518) 274-4481.  Our FAX number is
(518) 273-1373.  You needn't be fancy, many FAXes we get are
just handwritten notes or sketches.  We are still getting
used to handling E-Mail but don't hesitate to use that if it
is the most convienient, but, please consider including your
phone and/or FAX numbers in your message as often times it is
a faster means of reply.

     I look forward to your inquiries and, just maybe, hearing
from past customers.

                        Herbert Page, President
                        Trojan Electronic Supply Co., Inc