Trojan Electronic Supply Co.
The Nitty-Gritty.........

Ordering:  Call us on the phone at (518) 274-4481.  Probably
           the best way unless you know exactly what you need
           or have ordered before.  We will check stock just
           as if you were at the counter.

           FAX us at (518) 273-1373.  Especially good if you
           would like a quotation on specific or equivalent

           E-Mail to

           US Mail.  POBox 1018, Troy, NY  12181

Paying:    We accept MasterCard, Visa, and AMEX.
           Business and Industrial open accounts are available
           where appropriate.

Shipping:  At Trojan we do not charge a handling fee.  We do
           add the amount that the carrier, UPS, or in some
           cases, the Post Office, charges us.

The Small Order:

     You need it, we have it.  The problem?  It's value isn't
     high enough to justify the mechanics of packing, shipping,
     and paying.  How about:

     1.  Visiting our store at 15 Middleburgh St. in Troy, NY
         if you can.  There is no minimum on counter sales.

     2.  Add $5 to orders under $25.  This is not too appealing
         but it can be handled that way.

     3.  Build your order with something that you need anyway
         but hadn't considered.  Some suggestions include:

             Batteries for flashlights, radios, and telephones
             and most other applications.  Trojan has a complete
             stock of Industrial quality batteries at very
             attractive prices.  By the each or buy the box.

             Outlet strips with or without surge protection,
             in molded and styles fabricated with standard
             duplex outlets in metal cases.

             Quarter-inch hex drive bits for power screw drivers
             and manual handles.  We have a complete assortment
             in stock.  Industrial contractor quality in all styles,
             including security.

        We also have a large stock of tools, electronic chemicals, and
        utility items for general applications.